What is FroMar?

Simply put, FroMar is a safer, more sustainable way to build.

FroMar is the only category-5 hurricane rated and Miami-Dade approved Structural Wall Panel System of its kind.
Frame, Insulate, and Enclose – In One Step.


Speed - The Fastest System on the Market

  • Interlocking FroMar panels include exterior metal skin and load-bearing elements, framing and enclosing in a single step. This allows for immediate installation of roof and other structure above, reducing construction time.
  • Easy-up construction - Less parts, pre-engineered access ‘trade ready’ design that’s not confusing to installers
  • Fully customizable, modular wall panel design configurations
  • Ties into existing framing systems for multi-level construction
  • Works seamlessly with our KeyTruss roof system for an integrated rot- and Termite-proof framing system.
  • Scalable solutions – faster, stronger, more resilient

Value - Cost Competitive and Low Cost

  • The only metal panel that is cost competitive with wood frame, concrete, block, and post and beam.
  • Multigenerational, affordable structures rated for 150+ years
  • Safe, sustainable and structural
  • Delegated design shop drawings
  • Design-Assist Services for architects

Quality - Proudly Made in the USA

  • The only noncombustible construction method of its kind - durable, resilient, sustainable -- hurricane-rated cat 5 design
  • Rainscreen technology, strength of CFS, Improved thermal performance
  • Interlocking panels provide air, water, thermal, vapor protection
  • Detailed multi-point quality control program
Keeping the cost of building a home lower

Safer and More Durable Homes

Fromar offers patented, easy-up construction that saves time and money and unmatched safety, durability, and reliability. Fully customizable modules that offer a variety of solutions.

FroMar is faster than stick frame construction, CMU block construction, tilt-up construction, metal building construction, unsheathed stud panels, and prepanelized walls.

  • Miami-Dade County Category 5 Rated and Approved System
  • Missile Impact Tested
  • Water Damage, Mold, Mildew Resistance
  • Sustainable, Green Building Material Efficiency and Design
  • High-Performing, Building Design & Resiliency

Safer and More Durable Homes

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How It Works

Fromar is the only wall panel system that offers all the speed and cost benefits of prefabrication, panelization and modular construction with little to no learning curve. Panels are tilted up, tied down, and interlock with one another in a variety of available configurations.

The interlocking design

The Patented Interlocking Design

1. We start with corrosion-resistant Steel which means it is galvanized with zinc giving it the ability to maintain its integrity for the life of the structure

2. Then, we form the steel into interlocking FroMar panels that assemble to form wall sections.

3. Panels average approximately 126 pounds each, which two workers can easily carry. 4. When assembled, FroMar offers increased strength, shear stability, wind resistance, and seismic resistance.
Wall sections are assembled...

Wall sections are assembled...

Wall sections are assembled, sequenced, and loaded on the delivery truck in our state-of-the-art facility.

Standard eight-foot wall sections...

Standard eight-foot wall sections...

Standard eight-foot wall sections are light enough for two workers to carry or can be offloaded in pre sequenced bundles with extended forks.

Once the floor or slab is installed...

Once the floor or slab is installed...

Once the floor or slab is installed and verified as level, wall sections are simply tilted into place and braced to the floor.

Erected wall sections are immediately ready...

Erected wall sections are immediately ready...

Erected wall sections are immediately ready to carry load and receive windows, doors, and finishes.

Completed homes are indistinguishable from traditionally framed homes...

Completed homes are indistinguishable from traditionally framed homes...

Completed homes are indistinguishable from traditionally framed homes even though they are rated to survive a Category 5 Hurricane.

The FroMar Advantage - Make it Your Own

The FroMar system can be used in a variety of settings and is designed to tie into nearly every wall, roof, and floor system.


Ideal for curtain wall applications and facade modifications to existing structures and new building

Pier and Beam Foundations

Easy to construct pier and beam foundations in flood-prone areas that require elevated construction

Slab on Grade

Quickly tilt up panels for slab on grade construction

Roof Trusses

Roof trusses of various shapes and sizes including our KeyTruss System can be seamlessly used with FroMar Wall Panels.

Floor and Roof Joist Framing

Easy installation of cold-formed steel joist framing, bracing, and blocking for single and multi-story construction

Metal Decking

Residential and commercial applications with FroMar using metal decking or cold-formed steel joists.

Selected Projects

Havameyer Street Commercial Building

Pre-Panelized Fro Mar Allows Rapid Dry-In of Spandrel System on Brooklyn Office Building

Homes For Our Troops House

This house was donated to Homes for Our Troops for Sgt Remache and his family.

About FroMar

FroMar is the ideal core and shell for:

  • Hurricane and Tornado prone areas where extreme weather is a major concern
    • Architects who are looking to offer clients safer, faster, cost-effective builds
    • Owners/Developers who are looking to increase value while lowering costs, compressing timelines, and lowering insurance premiums
    • Residential Builders who to penetrate commercial markets
    • Interior systems contractors who want to provide full core and shell solutions – now you can with a simple system
    • Framing contractors who want to enter roof truss markets with low to no learning curve.

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