In today’s residential construction industry, panelized construction is quickly becoming the product of choice for builders on the cutting edge and will undoubtedly be the product of choice for future homebuilders. FroMar Structural Steel Panel Systems are ideal for home builders and home owners.

FroMar Steel Panels are lightweight, come pre-assembled from a quality controlled environment and are ready to install. Large, specially trained crews are not required because FroMar wall sections are numbered and simply fastened together, making it possible for a small crew to construct an entire home in just a few days.

The life expectancy of FroMar Structural Steel Panel Systems is well over 150 years. With FroMar there is no moisture which can lead to harmful mold and mildew, no warped or rotted wood, no pest or termite damage and the exterior walls and framing are fire resistant. FroMar has been evaluated and tested by the National Home Builders Research Center and all testing completed, attests to FroMar MAR’s wind load and impact resistance of up to category 5 winds.

FroMar provides a safer, more durable home for owners and efficiency, and ease for builders, keeping the cost of building a home lower on both sides.