Steel Studs have been used in commercial building for years. Now, panelized construction is becoming the product of choice for builders on the cutting edge. FRO MAR Structural Steel Panel Systems are durable, a sensible money saving alternative to other panel systems and are usable for multistory commercial buildings. FRO MAR’s load bearing steel panels eliminate the need for any wood sheathing, can be used with a number of finishes such as brick, vinyl or stucco and the life expectancy of FRO MAR Structural Steel Panel Systems is well over 300 years.

FRO MAR Steel Panels are lightweight, come pre-assembled from a quality controlled environment and are ready to install. Specially trained crews are not required because FRO MAR wall sections are numbered and simply fastened together. Building costs are completely fixed with no surprise add-on costs, making FRO MAR ideal for contractors and building owners alike.